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I am a specialist in Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics, with more than 30 years experience.
I was lead clinician for chronic pain in Scotland from 2011 - 2014. I was able to help lead some changes in the medical system, but I have found that trying to get our scientific knowledge, about the best things to do for pain, into practice can be very frustrating. 
Since moving to Australia, I've found the same situation - small underfunded specialist pain services, just struggling to manage problems that people have developed over many years - rather than aiming to help people from early on and to PREVENT persistent pain developing.
As I say to doctors, when teaching "I'm a Pain Specialist - that's TERRIBLE!"  Surely everyone, working in healthcare should know all about how to manage pain!
Last year's Global Year Against Pain After Surgery and this year's Year for Excellence in Pain Education made me determined to get something done about this.
Getting new ideas into doctors and nurses heads can be difficult - so this is where you come in! I want to help you to know the latest ideas in prevention of pain after surgery, or after an injury - and it's mainly NOT painkillers....

While we believe that the advice on this website is accurate and based on expert medical opinion you should always consult your healthcare professional on any matter related to your health and well being. He or she knows your circumstances best and therefore the appropriate action to take on your behalf.

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