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Learning about what to do 

I hope you'll find lots of useful information about how pain works and what to do about it on these pages.

One of the most important things to understand is that pain is NORMAL - it's your nervous system's way of protecting you while you heal from an injury or an operation.

Painkillers do not kill pain! When I see people after their operation they never say to me "No I don't feel anything - the painkillers have killed the pain." They can help make the pain bearable, which lets your body start healing - pain is natural when things are healing up. 

Having a clear goal in mind can be quite helpful - imagine if you've had pain for a long time because of arthritis and you're going to get a knee replacement. What is the best goal? 

  • I want to get rid of the pain..... or

  • I want to get back to doing what I want to do, rather than pain controlling my life.

Or if you've had a diagnosis of cancer and you have to have an operation to remove it?

  • I have more time to do the things I want to do in life - to be with the people I care most about.

  • This pain is unbearable - I would rather be dead.

So what the pain means is REALLY important. 

While we believe that the advice on this website is accurate and based on expert medical opinion you should always consult your healthcare professional on any matter related to your health and well being. He or she knows your circumstances best and therefore the appropriate action to take on your behalf.

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