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Type of Operation

Some operations are more likely to cause persistent pain afterwards.

Persistent pain occurs in roughly one or two of every 10 surgical patients and is severe enough to interfere significantly with your life in one in every 100 operations.

Research has found that about 2% had severe pain a year after surgery.

Type of surgical procedure

35% after thoracotomy, breast surgery or bowel operations

20% after knee replacement 

10% after hip replacement 

Pain tends to be more severe when it is persistent after joint replacements


  • Discuss with your surgeon what his data are for pain after surgery.

  • Certain surgical techniques cause less pain - operating through a telescope (laparoscopy or thoracoscopy) - also the anterior rather than lateral approach to hip replacement.

  • Is there an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programme set up?

  • Does he work together with the anaesthetists and acute pain team to improve pain management after surgery?

While we believe that the advice on this website is accurate and based on expert medical opinion you should always consult your healthcare professional on any matter related to your health and well being. He or she knows your circumstances best and therefore the appropriate action to take on your behalf.

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